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Data-4-Fun: Scraping and analyzing comments on 4G (phase 1)

Background: For last couple of weeks, the telecommunication operators in Bangladesh are promoting their clients to avail 4G internet connection enabled sim cards. All these operators are fighting head to head in the world of marketing and advertisement. In the meantime, the actual situation may be a little bit different as I went through the […]

Converting Bijoy (ANSI) to/from Unicode (UTF-8) using Python

Background: In Bangladesh, the official language of Govt. paperwork is Bangla/Bengali, and a lot of offices uses Bijoy Scripts for writing official documents in Bangla/Bengali. I was looking for an application that converts documents written in Bijoy Bangla (ANSI) to Unicode as a part of an Office automation solution. I was unable to find a good […]

Bengali Phonetic (Banglish) Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis for phonetic Bengali sentences This time we wanted to have some hands on Sentiment Analysis by integrating different application to generate analytical results from phonetic Bengali Sentences. After some studies we got some idea about it and found that google cloud services are providing all these services. But, as its quite costly so […]

Configure Shell In A Box, LShell and Nginx in Debian 8

Shell In A Box is a very useful tool when it comes to access your server via web. It provides you the total power of shell via web. One can ask, why we need a webshell? One answer can be, we can access the server shell without using any ssh client. That includes, you can […]